There are various possible endings in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea.

This is the first "Bad End". Listed is how this End is reached and what happens in this End.

Trigger warning: Contains a description of a young looking girl being eaten alive.


While on the Rocky Mount with Orca, he will battle Wadanohara, asking if it's true witch meat tastes very delicious.

As always, you have a choice of fleeing from battle with the “escape” option. To begin this ending, select it. 

Orca states her fleeing battle is a letdown before advancing upon her, asking how witches taste once again. Wadanohara tells him to stay away to no avail, then begin crying for help to Samekichi; Orca states he’s already dead, causing Wadanohara to begin to cry. Wadanohara begins begging to Orca, saying she doesn’t want “this”.  She cries out a long “no” before noises of what sounds to be tearing flesh or something equally gruesome is heard. 

A red screen shows up with Orca standing with a cigarette, a bloody arm of Wadanohara’s on the ground beside him. Orca laughs and says “not too bad” before the screen pixelates out.


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