Familiars are apparently assistants of magic-users, and Chlomaki is mentioned to have many of them besides Lobco. They are animals with human forms, and can easily change forms. Only three familiars are seen in-game in their animal form, but it can be assumed others can change forms as well. It is unknown if all animal-type characters of Mogeko's creation have an animal form, or if it is just familiars that have both.

Sal's human form apparently shocked Wadanohara when she first saw it, but this may be because he remains in his shark form for the majority of the game. His shark form is smaller than Wadanohara; Samekichi, his brother, has a much larger shark form that is big enough to carry Wadanohara on his back, but is it is possible Sal made himself smaller to appeal to the royal council and Wadanohara.

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