Since August 2015, the ongoing Wadanohara manga has been posted on art website Comic Pixiv, and currently has a prologue and five chapters. 

An English and Chinese translation for each chapter are posted a month after the original; currently, the prologue and first three chapters are the only translated chapters.

It is assumed that the series will follow the events of the game, but it is unclear whether or not it will as of now. So far, the manga has gone over the flashback when Wadanohara visited the Witch Land in the prologue (seen before the player chooses one of the three end game endings), and Wadanohara's return to the Sea Kingdom.

Compared to the game, the manga explains some things in slightly more detail, and some details differ. Some examples:

  • It is shown clearly that Wadanohara went to the Witch Land to try and restore her memories lost during her confrontation with Sal. This isn't as explicitly stated in the game. 
  • The existence of the Witch Land wasn't as clear in the game; an area showing a mass of witches was shown briefly, but only in the manga is it called the Witch Land. The outside area is shown in slightly more detail as well.
  • Wadanohara explains how her ship moves, since she and none of the familiars have ever been seen to steer it: by magic.
  • Lobco refers to Chlomaki using the honorific "-sama", which is used to show respect and/or admiration towards another person. She may have referred to her in this way in the original Japanese version of the game, but if she did, it was not shown in the English translation.
  • Fukami is seen doing small things for Wadanohara in the manga, like catching her before falling, or encouraging her.
  • Samekichi's first encounter in the game is on a rock in the middle of the water; in the manga, he meets Wadanohara and the familiars at the Kingdom Gate.
  • Wadanohara says she has been looking for Samekichi in the manga; this was never mentioned in-game.
  • Fukami instigates the fight against Samekichi in the manga, hitting him on the head before Memoca and Dolphi join in. Wadanohara protests.

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