If you are stuck in a certain area of Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea game and need assistance, want to find all hidden items, or simply want to review what happened at a certain point in the game, this section is dedicated to any walkthroughs posted.

Any user with an account can post a walkthrough, though the English one by user Tomoshibi is currently the only one avaliable. Feel free to post your own, and please do not edit others walkthroughs without the creator's permission. 

When creating, please note:

  • Refrain from using slurs.
  • You can create as many segments/parts as you see fit, but please catergorize any pages related to it under  both "Walkthrough" and "[Account name]'s Walkthrough". Your walkthrough page(s) should be titled "[Account name's] Walkthrough - Part/Segment/etc. [#]".
  • Make sure your walkthrough is clear and easy for others to understand.
  • Any misleading or spam walkthroughs will be deleted.

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