Magic is commonly used in the Wadanohara universe, and those that use it are similar to Western witches in attire. From what is seen in-game, they don't have the best reputation in their universe, and many are considered untrustworthy and rude, according to Chlomaki


Shiroame approaching what may be the witch world.

There seems to be an entire area or world dedicated to witches, and Wadanohara is seen in the beginning of the game to be returning to Deepsea Town from this area. It doesn't have a name, but a quick glimpse of it is seen in a flashback, and it seems to be a school-type area. Whether or not this is only a small portion of it is unknown. As well as this, there is an artwork of Mogeko's witch character Shiroame approaching a cluster of buildings being supported by a single thick structure; this is very likely to be the witch world. The Great Witch seems to be the leader of this world, and is treated with respect by Chlomaki and Wadanohara.

There are only four magic-users seen in-game, but Mogeko has many witches of their creation, and twenty different witches are seen as silhouettes in a flashback (including Chlomaki and the Great Witch). Meikai is the only male magic-user seen in-game, and the only character referred to as a sorcerer instead of a witch.

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