Dolphi character art
"I'm hungry..."
Basic Info
Gender Female
Species Dolphin
Nicknames Dolph
Relatives Unknown
Hobbies Drawing
Likes Snacks
Dislikes Scariness
Height 110 cm. (3'7")
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Black (White Pupil)
Manga Debut Appearance Prologue
Appearances in Other Mogeko Works None

Dolphi is one of the main characters in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. She is one of Wadanohara's familiars who is often mistaken for a shark.


Tumblr inline n4vd9ltCs51rgsnbs

Dolphi appears to be a short, pale, petite humanoid dolphin donning a faded blue sailor's dress with matching cuffs, gold buttons, and a pair of black dress shoes that look to be fitted for young girls.

Her hair is short, cut in bob-style, looks to be grey, which matches her tail as a dorsal fin protrudes from her head. She has black eyes with slightly narrowed white irises.

In an omake artwork featuring Wadanohara and the others during the true ending, Dolphi has changed significantly; she has grown taller than Wadanohara, and her hair has grown beyond shoulder-length. She keeps her sailor top, but wears plain black bottoms, laced-up knee boots, and a yellow-green scarf.


Dolphi is shown to be a very timid and innocent person who's afraid of many things, especially sharks. However, in a fight, she is quite brave and willing to protect Wadanohara from enemies. Having the highest damage output, it could be implied that she is very physically strong.

Dolphi also tends to be fairly naive and impressionable. She tends to go along with whatever Memoca says, and is very quick to take a person's word as truth. As shown when Memoca talks about "shooting rainbows". Despite Lobco vocally correcting Memoca, Dolphi continues to eagerly wait for these "shooting rainbows".







Battle Stats

This is Dolphi's magic known by Level 30.

Level Name Description MP Cost
3 Charge Charges. Hits one. 5
6 Snarl Hits one. Causes loss of balance. 5
9 Dolphin Kick Dolphin kicks. Hits one. 6
12 Stab A sharp stab. Hits one. 6
15 Hoop Jump Go through a hoop. Hits one. 10
18 Ball Toss Tosses a ball. Hits one. 12
21 Powerful Tackle Tackles. Hits one. 13
24 Rocket Jump Rocket jumps. Hits one. 15
27 Dolphin Magic A dolphin spell. Hits one. 16
30 Killer Dolphin Show A scary and fun dolphin show. Hits all. 20


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