"...I pray for your happiness."
Basic Info
Gender Male
Species Witch / Sorcerer
Nicknames The Great Sorcerer


Relatives Wadanohara (Daughter)
Hobbies Piano
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Height 174 cm. (5'8")
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Gray
Manga Debut Appearance Unknown
Appearances in Other Mogeko Works None

 Meikai is a supporting character in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. Meikai, also called the Great Sorcerer, was the one who sealed the Sea of Death and Princess Mikotsu away. Thus, ending the war and disappearing since that day. He's also the father of Wadanohara.

In the Bonus room, The identity of his wife is strongly implied to have been The Moon.


Meikai is seen with brown hair ( like Wadanohara's) and has navy blue clothing. His hat has a bright blue, crescent moon on it, as well as two bluish silver stars. Four other stars are on the opposite side of his hat. Both his long cape and hat are a dark blue and the collar of his cape is fairly large and folded. He wears bright blue earrings and has fairly white skin like most characters in the game. Meikai also wears a silver necklace with 4 blue, teardrop-shaped gems adorning its sides. He has gray eyes, again like Wadanohara, and has yet another crescent moon on the neck of his suit.


His personality isn't very well known, considering he only appears a few times in the game. Although, when he is seen, he is a caring father to his daughter, Wadanohara, and very encouraging. To the followers of Uomi, or the people of the Blue Sea, he is known as courageous and a hero. To the followers of Mikotsu, or the people of the Sea of Death, he is despised as a result of him sealing the people away. Tatsumiya, or his assistant, feels very kindly towards him and admires him greatly as her teacher.



  • On one of the bonus room television sequences; Meikai states "And She.. the moon, and I... The sea.... will be watching over you". This heavily implies that Wadanohara's biological mother is actually The Moon. This fact would explain why Meikai (and Wadanohara's Normal end 2 form) as well as his pearl form is strongly Moon themed. The moon being Wadanohara's mother would also be why the moon is prominently displayed as a reoccurring theme throughout the game, and would also be why Wadanohara is prominently referred to by her father as "The Princess" rather than simply his daughter. As she is the daughter of both the Moon and Sea.
  • Meikai states that "He is the Sea". Which means that he was likely more than just the "Powerful Sorcerer" people were led to believe.

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