Minero character art
"The treasure must be there!"
Basic Info
Gender Female
Species Flapjack Octopus
Nicknames Stupid
Relatives Unknown
Hobbies Treasure Hunting
Likes Snacks
Dislikes "I forgot!"
Height 155 cm. (5'0")
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Dark Orange
Manga Debut Appearance Unknown
Appearances in Other Mogeko Works None

Minero is a supporting character in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. She is always seen with Creamil, Rimorimo and Tomoshibi, and is constantly insulted by them.


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Minero has orangeish-brown hair, with with ears coming from the top of her head. She also has two black eye-seeming marks on her head as well. Her long hair curls, but her front bangs are straight.

She wears a rusty brown scarf with a circular pattern towards the bottom. Her dress is long-sleeved, with white folded cuffs. She also has a pair of white gloves. Minero's dress is a darker brown, with the same circular pattern as her scarf, but the dress comes up in the front instead of being consistent throughout. Underneath is another layer of the dress, which is a orange striped fabric.

Minero has brown boots with six orange buttons on both, and orange "fins" on the outside of each. Minero's socks are a light brown, with a plaid pattern.


Minero, along with her friends, love to go treasure hunting. She is very outgoing and is confident in her intuition. Unfortunately, her intuition is very poor and she often gets the group lost or get them in trouble in some way.

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