There are various possible endings in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea.

This is the first "Normal End". Listed is how this end is reached and what happens in this end.


Wadanohara finds Sal and an injured Samekichi. When the player talks to Samekichi, a cutscene starts. Sal gives Wadanohara an option to trust Sal to save the sea and Samekichi. In the first playthrough of this cutscene, the player is forced to choose this option, as "Trust Sal" is the only option available to the player.

Wadanohara will walk towards Sal, saying that she will trust him. Samekichi calls out to Wadanohara, which causes her to turn towards him, facing away from Sal. Sal takes this chance to knock Wadanohara to the ground. He then rapes her in front of Samekichi, while he pleads for Sal to stop. After some time, Samekichi passes out due to his injuries, and the screen goes black.

After a period of time, Samekichi wakes up to find that Wadanohara's attire has changed, along with her personality. Wadanohara says that Sal taught her the way the sea is supposed to be, and states she is happy.