Rock art
Basic Info
Gender Male
Species Crested Penguin
Nicknames Rock (Actual Name)
Relatives Unknown
Hobbies Fishing
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Height Unknown
Hair Color Black/Gray
Eye Color Red (Black Pupils)
Manga Debut Appearance Unknown
Appearances in Other Mogeko Works Ice Scream
Penguin is a minor character in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. While he doesn't appear in the main portion of the game, he is seen in one of the bonus scenes post-game. His talk-sprite is given the name Penguin, but Mogeko has given him the name Rock. He appears as a more important character in Mogeko's other work, Ice Scream.


Rock is some type of crested penguin. He wears a red bandana at all times, and is almost always seen with a cigarette in official art.

Rock human form 2

Penguin's human form, with Ice Scream character Suno in the background.

While he has a human form, he seems to prefer his animal form more. His human form wears a grey jacket over a black top, grey slacks, black shoes, and black gloves. A dog tag hangs over his bandana, and his crests are somewhat exaggerated.


Penguin appears to be a cranky, short-tempered sort of person. His hobby is mentioned to be fishing, and he is often seen hanging around Orca; the latter claims they are friends, but Penguin seems to despise him. He dislikes his crests being labeled as eyebrows.

He shows kindness to Squid in the bonus scene he first appears in, most likely tending to his wounds after finding him washed ashore his home and crying. Squid, in more recent Ice Scream works, is seen swimming around Penguin's home island, and the two of them may have become friends.


  • Penguin is most likely the friend mentioned by Orca in the bonus scene "Love to Stroll". Orca, upon running into Seguro, tells him that he reminded him of a friend. Though Seguro is a sea serpent and looks far different than Penguin, Orca says they have similar "glares".