Sheep character art
"Mheehee... ♪ "
Basic Info
Gender Ambiguous
Species Ammonite (extinct)
Nicknames None
Relatives Unknown
Hobbies Unknown
Likes Old
Dislikes Unknown
Height 155 cm. (5'0")
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Red
Manga Debut Appearance Unknown
Appearances in Other Mogeko Works None

Sheep is a supporting character in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. They are a servant of the Sea of Death. According to Mogeko, along with Tarakotheir gender is ambiguous/unknown.


Sheep is most likely either the personification of an ammonite or nautilus.

Their hair is grey and tentacle-like and their eye is red and slanted downwards with a dark circle underneath. They wear a black and white striped cloak with a large collar that covers their legs (if they have any) and long, giant sleeves that hide their hands (if they have any). A brown spiraled shell sits atop their head.


In the short screentime Sheep has, they are shown to be very resentful. They have a sort of obsession with Old. Despite their affiliation with Princess Mikotsu, they seem to have a "que sera sera" attitude; that is to say, they don't particularly care about the outcome. Their only goal seems to be to take out a grudge on The Great Sorcerer.


Name HP MP Attack Defense Mind Agility EXP Money
Sheep 700 9999 140 100 100 10 1800 20000


  • Sheep's name very possibly derives from the Egyptian god Amon, who is sometimes depicted as wearing ram's horns on their head due to their adoption of the Nubian solar god aspects.


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