The Sea God
Sea god closeup
Basic Info
Gender Male
Species Fish
Nicknames Father
Relatives Princesses Uomi and Mikotsu (Daughters)
Hobbies Unknown
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Height Unknown
Hair Color White
Eye Color Unknown
Manga Debut Appearance Unknown
Appearances in Other Mogeko Works Unknown
The Sea God is a minor character in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. While he never appears in-game, he is occasionally mentioned by the people of the Sea Kingdom, and is said to be the ruler of the Kingdom before Princess Uomi.


Mogeko has only shown his appearance a few times on their website, most recently in late July, 2015. A silhouette can be seen of him in the background of an omake artwork showcasing a "happier" version of the Sea Kingdom, and this is most likely where he is first seen. He appears again on one of Mogeko's website headers.

He has long white hair tied into a high ponytail, and long bangs. He wears (what appears to be) some sort of kimono-type top over a blue top, with black puffed pants, and black shoes. The sleeves of his top appear scaly. 

His grey larger horns resemble that of a male deer's, and the smaller ones inside of them are slightly curved and pointed. At least one of his hands appears to be talon-like. 

Below his eyes, there appear to be blue eye designs, two on each side of his face.

In the omake artwork, he appears to be wearing some sort of crown.


Little is known about him, and the only descriptions of him are from characters that knew him. He is the father of Uomi and Mikotsu, and most likely cared greatly for both of them.

He is said to have fallen into a slumber, and somehow passed the ruling of the Sea Kingdom to his daughter, Uomi.

His actions caused Mikotsu to become enraged, as she thought he picked Uomi as his favorite daugher, and she created an army to go to war with the Sea Kingdom. His actions can be questioned, as much of Mikotsu's trauma seems to based on her perception of her father, and what she believes he thought of her.


  • His appearance is very similar to pre-game Artamos, when he still had a human form.