This is the beginning of Tomoshibi's (my) Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea walkthrough, including all Shiny Key locations, and all endings.

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Due to content that appears (for the most part) later in the game including violence, gore, sexual assault and implied rape, this game is recommended for individuals fifteen and above. Please be aware of such content appearing in-game.

This part introduces the main characters to the player and the basic game layout.

There are no major spoilers in this part.

There are no warnings for this part.


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Items Found in this Part
Shiny Key 1 Roast Fowl
Magical Candies Candy Shields
Life Preserver(s) Candy Swords


Select 'Start' to begin a new game.

After being introduced to the Sea Witch and going through the opening title, you awaken as a girl named Wadanohara, who apparently slept late. 

Wadanohara will not leave the room until dressed. Walk in front of the clothes on the nightstand next to your bed and select 'Yes'. 
The controls to the game: Four arrows to navigate, Z/spacebar/enter to accept, X to bring up/exit the main menu.

There are some items in the room to take notice: the mirror above the nightstand shows Wadanohara in whatever outfit she is wearing; each bed can fully replenish your health and magic points if slept in; the white box on the table gives an infinite amount of magical candies, which each restore your health by fifteen points, and you can hold up to 99 of them.

After walking outside, you find yourself on a ship. Talk to the person standing near the edge; the player meets Memoca, who tells you to go see 'the others'. Walk to the other end of the boat and talk to the two other people: Dolphi and Fukami. Return to the other end of the boat after speaking with both of them and talk to Memoca again; this will trigger the first cutscene.

Wadanohara introduces herself to the player as a witch and explains she is returning to her home sea with her familiars.

Next, the player is allowed to control the ship. Steer the ship to the right side of the screen.

On the next screen, you can see things floating in the water-- these are Seabathers, the first enemies introduced in the game.

Defeating enemies in the game gives experience points to allow for Wadanohara and her familiars to level up and learn new magic, and money to buy things in the Deep Sea Town store and pay Healers when encountered. Battling enemies in the game is optional, and you won't trigger the battle screen if you simply bump into them, but it is important to level Wadanohara and her familiars to be strong enough to be able to battle bosses encountered later in the game; it is recommended you do not flee from many battles as well, if at all. In the battling menu, holding down Z while performing attacks speeds up the animation processes.

Seabathers have approximately 30 health, come in doubles and don't fight back. In-depth articles about all enemies and bosses in the game will soon be made.

Besides Seabathers, on the open sea, you may find Birds Enjoying Sunbathing (not an enemy) and life preservers- life preservers can be used in battle. They are thrown at the enemy, which damages it and also has a possibility of stunning it.

After traveling far enough right, you will find a letter in the water; pick it up. The four appear to know who's it belongs to. Continue traveling right, and you will start to see small stars floating in the water, and a single life preserver.

You will eventually see another letter in the water in front of an island; pick up this letter as well, then dock at the island. You will come ashore Star Isle.

On the island, there will be more letters that do not need to be picked up. You will soon encounter a passed-out seagull who asks for food, more specifically, star fruit. After the group agrees to go find some, go up the north path and continue upwards to the star fruit tree.

However, there are objects you may want to retrieve before proceeding to the tree; to the right of where the postal bird lies, there is a treasure chest contains four candy shields, and even further right there is another chest with four candy swords.

The player can equip these items and other items found later in the game by selecting ‘equip’ in the menu and navigating each player’s stat menus by using the arrows; you can also go to and from each character by pressing left and right when not selecting anything on the stat menus. Items found can increase the character’s stats.

After returning to where the post-seagull lies, if you walk upwards and to the right, you will find a key labeled Shiny Key 1.

Shiny Keys unlock a chest found on the last floor of a house in Deep Sea Town; there are seven keys total in the game needed to unlock the chest. All locations of the keys will be given while going through the walkthrough.

Return to the main path and head upwards; you will eventually stand before a large star fruit tree. However, the tree is guarded by two Flippin’ Birds, unwilling to share the star fruit. Wadanohara’s familiars say to beat up the Birds, while Wadanohara protests against doing so. A menu pops up asking if you wish to administer beating; the only way to continue in the game Is to select ‘Yes’, though it isn’t exactly wanted by Wadanohara. This will begin the first boss battle with the Flippin’ Birds. Each Bird has around 40 health.

After defeating the Flippin’ Birds, Fukami gives Wadanohara roast fowl; the roast fowl is a healing item that restores 250 health and can be accessed from the item menu.

Walk up to the tree and select it; you gain a star fruit. Return to the post-seagull. Wadanohara will give him the star fruit and he will stand, all the letters everywhere before now gone; he is introduced to the player as Nekoyama. He explains he hasn’t had much to eat recently and thanks Wadanohara. He flies off to the east, and Fukami says they should be going as well. Return to the docks after the four finish speaking; you once again are steering the ship. Continue right; you will encounter more Seabathers, and even further right is another life preserver.

Crosses begin appearing in the water, and your ship passes by a rocky island with a cross atop it; the player isn’t allowed to dock here yet. Continue right, and you’ll find more Seabathers, and another life preserver.

The ship is soon stopped by a witch atop a broom and a red shrimp in the witch’s hat. The witch is introduced as Chlomaki, and the shrimp is her familiar, Lobco. Chlomaki, after being corrected by Lobco, explains she’s there to return something Wadanohara left behind from wherever she came from- her ocarina, which Wadanohara is surprised she forgot as it is important to her for unmentioned reasons. Chlomaki flies off, saying she has major business to attend to.

Continue right after the familiars’ conversation; there are more Seabathers and two more life preservers.

You soon come upon Rocky Area. Continue right, and you encounter a Bat Healer who will fully heal your party for 10 G.

Healers usually show up before a boss battle is to take place. While they are good for when you’re about to battle a boss, their cost to heal you party is fairly inexpensive, and saves from using health items.

Further right past the Healer Bat, someone will call out to Wadanohara. A shark fin appears in the water behind a large rock.

The player is briefly cut to Chlomaki and Lobco, Lobco asking about Wadanohara’s ocarina, and it’s said she got it as a present from ‘that shark’; Lobco asks if she meant 'Samekichi', and Chlomaki confirms this.

The player is brought back to Wadanohara and company on the boat; a shark-person is standing on the large rock, and is revealed to be Samekichi. Samekichi asks why Wadanohara returned to the sea and tells her to leave, his intentions unknown. Fukami asks if the familiars’ presence will foil his ‘attempts’; he does not respond to this, only telling Wadanohara to leave again. After her familiars refuse for her, a battle screen is brought up with him as a boss. Battle him.

After defeating Samekichi, Wadanohara’s familiars continue harassing Samekichi, Wadanohara asking them to stop. Samekichi tells her to leave once more before diving back into the sea and swimming away. What’s notable is that Fukami calls him a traitor.

After the four finish talking, continue right, steering around the rock. You leave the rocky area and find more Seabathers. The sea begins to sparkle. Another life preserver is on-screen when small lanterns and stone statues begin lining the way.

Dock at the next island, the Kingdom Gate. Two crabs stand guard; if spoken to, they welcome Wadanohara back. If you turn around and walk back to the boat, you have the option to board it- if you wish to replenish your magical candy supply, you can do so now. Return to the Gate afterwards.

Stand in front of the circled body of water, and select ‘Yes’. The four show happiness at returning, then dive into the water.


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