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This is the second part of my Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea walkthrough.

This part introduces the inhabitants of the Sea Kingdom and the areas to explore in the Sea Kingdom.

There are no major spoilers in this part. 

Warnings for some pixel (not pixelated) blood and violence near the end of the part.


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Items Found in this Part
Shiny Key 6 Decent Smacktopus Sea Grapes
Decent Sea Staff Seaweed Soup Coconut Juice
Decent Gull Knife Shijimi Mango
Decent Meresword Shijimi Snack


After entering the sea, walk downwards. On the next screen, many fish are seen swimming around- these are enemies.

Fishies come in twos and have around 45 health. 

Going into the next screen, a person all in white is seen. She notices Wadanohara; Wadanohara approaches her and addresses her as Pulmo. Pulmo welcomes her back and tells her about how the state of affairs in the kingdom ‘doesn’t look too good’. Pulmo floats away to tell the castle she arrived. 

Continuing downwards, there are more Fishies.

After some number screens a puffer fish Healer stands besides the path. 

Continue downwards; the three familiars appear beside Wadanohara. Wadanohara says she sees the town. Fukami says he senses another nuisance; Samekichi appears, walking towards the four. He gets angry at Wadanohara for not listening to him and says he’ll force her out. Battle him.

Post defeating him, he calls Wadanohara an impediment and walks away once again. Continue going south. You soon enter the boundaries of the town, surrounded by a black fence.

Wadanohara enters Deepsea Town, the four expressing gladness at returning once again.

The screen briefly cuts to Samekichi, contemplating what to do.

Cutting back to the four, they’re seen in a house, sitting around a table eating snacks. Wadanohara excuses herself, wanting to go say hello to everyone in town. The player is allowed to move once again, so you’re free to explore her house and Deepsea Town.

What’s to be noted in Wadanohara’s home: the portrait of Wadanohara’s father above the table on the first floor; the pictures drawn by each of Wadanohara’s familiars in the first floor room to the left, titled “Momecha”,  “Everyone”, and “Shark Grill”; the piano in the first floor room to the right; the mirror on the second floor; the beds that can fully replenish health on the second floor; the third floor room, and the music box sitting in it.

When exploring the town, enter the houses of Aom, Irena, and Tarako and speak to each to continue (there are signs labeling each of their houses); it isn’t necessary to speak to everyone in town, but they may have something of interest to say. 

Things to be noted in Deepsea Town: the house in the lowest left corner, the final floor contains the treasure chest that requires seven keys; the upper left-hand corner house, Shiny Key 6 is sitting in front of it; the building labeled “shop”, you can buy/sell health items and weapons from the merchants inside. Weapons sold by the shop include: Decent Sea Staff, Decent Gull Knife, Decent Meresword, and Decent Smacktopus. Health items sold by the shop include: life preservers, seaweed soup, shijimi, shijimi snack, sea grapes, coconut juice, and mango.

When entering Aom’s house, Wadanohara goes to sit at a table with her and Aom welcomes her back, telling her not to overdo it since she’s “still a kid”.  Wadanohara mentions she saw Lobco; Aom is relieved, saying she’s on the slow side. After finishing talking to her, if you walk over to the right bookshelf and select the colored object, you can see a picture of Aom and Lobco together. 

When entering Irena’s house, Wadanohara finds Irena asleep at a table. When selecting her, she wakes up and welcomes Wadanohara back. She notes her little sister and how she lives on land, saying she gets letters from her. After finishing speaking to her, if you select the pile of letters on the table, you can read three different letters from Irena’s younger sister. 

When entering Tarako’s house, Wadanohara approaches Tarako, Tarako showing happiness at Wadanohara’s return. They mention seeing Samekichi outside of town and offer to her an Octokiss to prove their friendship, Wadanohara declining. There isn’t anything of importance in Tarako’s house.

After visiting the three, Wadanohara says she’ll visit Coral Sea. Go down the path leading out of town to the left. When you enter Coral Sea, someone bumps into Wadanohara; this is Miyura, who welcomes Wadanohara back. Miyura asks if Wadanohara’s seen her “main squeeze”- an eel then appears and swims towards the two.  Miyura recognizes him as Seguro, one of her “main squeezes”.  Miyura then goes on to say she meant her other “main squeeze”, Wadanohara saying she hasn’t seen her. Seguro says he’s glad Wadanohara has returned and Miyura says she should be careful; Miyura and him go off to find the other “main squeeze” shortly afterwards.

Wadanohara contemplates the reason she returned, still unmentioned, though it is hinted some ominous event happened recently.

A red arrow over a house said to be “Cherryblod, Doloz, and Lobco’s” indicates it’s where the player needs to go next, but a Searching Fish blocks the doorway. In order to get the fish to move, speak to the four people gathered around the entryway to a path leading to the right.

The four, named Minero, Creamil, Rimorimo and Tomoshibi, are arguing over where something is located, and when they notice Wadanohara, they show happiness at her return, Tomoshibi welcoming her back. Minero explains they were looking for treasure, and the three others disagree with Minero’s instincts, saying it isn’t the way she says it is. 

The Searching Fish has moved after speaking to the four, standing in front of the house and saying they found their glasses.

Enter the house, and go to the right (there isn’t anything of interest upstairs).  Approach the two sitting at a table; as they are discussing Lobco, their daughter, Wadanohara addresses them. Doloz and Cherryblod show happiness at Wadanohara’s return, Wadanohara mentioning she saw Lobco; the parents are relieved to know she is all right. Cherryblod mentions “attacks” that have been occurring throughout the kingdom, Wadanohara saying it’s a severe situation and Cherryblod agreeing. Doloz says something about the mysterious enemies having “long ears”.

After leaving the house, Wadanohara seems to be satisfied knowing how everyone in town is and saying she was worried about what has been happening with the Sea Kingdom, what situation(s) it is still unknown to the player. Before being able to check on the castle, a giant crash is heard, Wadanohara saying it sounds like it came from the right. Walk back to Deepsea Town. 

Back in Deepsea Town, Memoca, Dolphi and Fukami are all standing in one of the intersections of the paths- talk to one of them. They mention hearing the sound too, and they agree to set off together towards the sound. Head down the path leading to the right away from town, leading to the Sea of Stars. Along the pathway there are starfish on the ground- they are enemies.

Starfish come in groups of four, have around 50 health each and don’t fight back.

There are also occasional octopi swimming around the paths- they are also enemies.

Flapjacks come in groups of two and have around 65 health each.

When at a fork in the road, take the path going south, as you will be stopped if you attempt to travel the other one.

When going down, more starfish and octopi line the path, as well as a white urchin that sells and buys items. The items it sells are the same as the ones in the store in Deepsea Town.

Continue going left. More starfish and octopi line the path.

A puffer fish Healer sits near the end of the last path containing enemies. Continue on.

You encounter Miyura and Seguro standing in front of a person; dead rabbits and rabbit heads are everywhere. Miyura tells the person to calm down, Memoca asking if she “went nuts again”.  The person says something about never forgiving the ones who disturb the way of the sea and how they will all die; Seguro calls out to them as Helica; Helica responds by threatening him with stabbing. Wadanohara wants to stop her and Helica attacks. Battle her.

After defeating her, Helica returns to normal. Miyura calls her her “main squeeze”, indicating Helica was the one she and Seguro were looking for. Helica notices Wadanohara has returned and says the blood rushes to her head once she begins killing enemies. She says she’s glad Wadanohara has returned, and that she will be able to help hold back the Tosatsu Kingdom’s invasion, Wadanohara saying she doesn’t want more conflict. Who the Tosatsu Kingdom is isn't mentioned.

Samekichi is then seen somewhere else in the Sea of Stars for a brief moment, apparently contemplating something.


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