Tsuribari character art
Basic Info
Gender Male
Species Human (deceased)
Nicknames None
Relatives Unknown
Hobbies Reading in Quiet Places
Likes Books
Dislikes Fishing
Height 120 cm. (3'9")
Hair Color Yellow/Blond
Eye Color Black
Manga Debut Appearance Unknown
Appearances in Other Mogeko Works None

Tsuribari is a minor character in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. He is a dead human serving the Sea of Death.


Tsuribari has longish, messy blonde hair and a large fish hook inside his skull, poking through the top of his hair. He constantly wears a lifeless expression under half-closed eyes.

He wears a white dress shirt with a red bow tie. He also wears black suspenders with black shorts and long white socks and dress shoes.


Tsuribari is shown as a dull, bored boy. He believes fighting is a waste of time and enjoys reading. He is always with Stella.


Name HP MP Attack Defense Mind Agility EXP Money
Tsuribari 700 9999 100 100 100 10 1500 5000


  • His name literally means 'fishing hook' in Japanese.

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