Vendetto character art
"I don't have a vendetta against nobody!"
Basic Info
Gender Male
Species Demon
Nicknames Adauchi (Name in Japanese Version)
Relatives Unknown
Hobbies Fishing, gardening
Likes Karaoke
Dislikes Wounded Arms
Height 175 cm. (5'9")
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Red
Manga Debut Appearance Unknown
Appearances in Other Mogeko Works None

Vendetto is a supporting character in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. He is a demon mercenary hired by the Tosatsu Kingdom.


Vendetto has short blonde hair with an ahoge and slanted red eyes. He has pointed ears and teeth.

He wears a black coat with gold buttons draped over his shoulders and a red t-shirt underneath a white dress shirt. He wears black pants and shoes.

He has bandages wrapped around both hands due to an "injury" that is unknown. Underneath the bandages he has red skin. He also has a long red devil-like tail behind him.

Described as having a "vendetta-seeking face", hence the nickname.


Somewhat cocky and rebellious. He is self-absorbed and confident in his own abilities--doesn't like to lose.


Name HP MP Attack Defense Mind Agility EXP Money
Vendetto 500 9999 100 100 100 10 1500 10000


  • Vendetto is his name in the English translation. His name in the original Japanese is "Adauchi".
  • He is the son of Ivlis, the major antagonist in The Gray Garden, and the brother of Poemi.
  • He has a bad relationship with his father, calling him an airhead. His relationship with his sister is good.
  • In a question answered by Mogeko, he was confirmed to have been close friends with Emalf, one of Ivlis's underlings. They did karaoke together before Vendetto left home. In an older picture of Adauchi drawn by Mogeko, apparently taking place in the time before he left home, he is shown wearing the necklace that Emalf wears during the events of The Gray Garden.

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