Welcome to the Wikia for the indie game Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, created by Mogeko/Deep-Sea Prisoner. This wiki isn't as developed as it could be and in need of serious help, contributions would be very appreciated. 

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"The beautiful blue sky, the vast blue sea. A tiny boat in crystal clear ocean. The sea witch Wadanohara, along with her familiars, is returning to her underwater hometown after a long time away. But before her looms her first familiar, Samekichi. 'You... Get away from this sea right now. You should not be here...'"

Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea is an adventure RPG made in late 2013. It follows the young witch Wadanohara and her familiars. After a journey from the witch world she had been visiting, she returns to her deep sea home to find it had been attacked by an unknown enemy. Wadanohara is tasked with repairing the magical barriers protecting the kingdom destroyed by this enemy, but fixing them shall not be the last of her worries...

Although Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea was initially a Japanese-language game, there is an English fan-translation by web translator vgperson. The English translated version of the game can be downloaded from vgperson's website, here.

As well as this, a manga (by Mogeko) for Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea began being published to Pixiv around the end of August, and is currently releasing new chapters about every two weeks. The official English translations for each chapter shall appear a month after the originals. The manga will most likely follow the events from the game. The manga also has a Twitter to post updates about the series and previews for upcoming editions.

'Due to adult content that appears (for the most part, later) in the game, including violence, gore (specifically, eye horror is common), and sexual assault, this game is recommended for individuals fifteen and above. Please be aware of such content appearing in-game.

Mogeko's Website | vgperson's Website | vgperson on Tumblr |



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