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This is the fourth part of the Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea walkthrough.

This part follows Wadanohara and friends while they begin their journey to repair the barrier moonstones on land.

There are no major spoilers for this part.

Trigger warning for some blood.


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Items Found in this Part
Knife and Fork Swords Candy Hats Shiny Key 3
Shiny Key 2 Candy Charms Bird Shields
Throwing Stars Candy Armor Earmuffs


Wadanohara and the familiars are in Deepsea Town, deciding where to begin with repairing barrier points. A map of the sea and the islands around it are shown, the places where barriers are located are circled. Wadanohara proposes to begin on the surface, the familiars agreeing. Return to the ship by going up the path north of town. 

Before Wadanohara can go up the path to the ship, however, she is stopped by Sal, who complements her new clothes before giving her a protective peal ring, as he calls it, so she returns safely. He then says a friend up ahead will speed up her journey to the surface before letting her leave. Continue forwards, and a Swordfish will offer to take you to the surface. While it is optional to do this, it is much faster than walking.
When at the surface, go south towards the boat and select ‘Set Sail’ to begin the barrier-repair task. Wadanohara says they will begin with the one on Lonely Isle, which is to the west; travel left. This is the island the player passed while returning from wherever Wadanohara was before. You will find Seabathers on your path.

When you arrive at Lonely Isle, travel left- this island has a similar layout to Star Isle in terms of pathways, and if you head up and go down the first path going east, you will encounter a trail of blood leading into a cave where the first barrier point is located. Go inside the cave.

However, there are other things to be noted on the Isle before going into the cave. At the intersection after first coming onto the island, continue right, and you’ll find a treasure chest and a life preserver on the east shore. The chest contains knife and fork swords and can be equipped. If you go north at the intersection and take the first left, you will find a Grave Visitor; she briefly talks about it’s more comforting to mourn someone when they have physical remains, though she doesn’t think that way herself. This is another of Mogeko’s characters, named Noir, though she won't be of importance in the game. If you continue upwards past the path leading to the cave, you will find a lonely grave marked by a large cross, and to the left of it, Shiny Key 2.

Inside the cave are multitudes of bats- they are enemies. 

Bats come in groups of three and have around 200 health each.

Follow the path to the next screen- there is a fork in the path here. To get to where Wadanohara needs to be, go left, and follow the path. There is a Bat Healer sitting near where the screen ends. 

However, in the cave, there are two treasure chests. The first one is on the path to the Bat Healer and the end of the screen- it contains throwing stars, which can be equipped. The second one is the path going north after approaching the fork in the road- it contains candy hats. Next to the chest is a Bird Wasting Time in Cave, which is not an enemy, just…well, a bird wasting its time in a cave.

After continuing on the path after the Healer Bat and exiting the screen, the screen changes to show the four standing in front of Samekichi, pools of blood everywhere and a gateway to somewhere standing overhead. Samekichi notices the four and Wadanohara’s new outfit, though attempts to show disinterest in the latter. They ask each other what the other is doing there, Samekichi remaining silent and Fukami asking if he was planning to destroy the stone. Wadanohara notices Samekichi’s hurt and asks what happened, approaching him. He pushes her away, afterwards saying he hates her, though Wadanohara says she would never hate him. He then threatens to take them all out. Battle him.

After defeating him, he swears before leaving. Fukami sourly remarks he was intending to destroy the barrier and Memoca questions why he was bleeding. Fukami pushes Wadanohara to fix the barrier stone, the familiars staying behind while the player is allowed to move. Walk under the gateway and upwards. You will enter a room with a shrine surrounded by stone statues; in the shrine is a cracked blue stone. Select it, then select ‘yes’. Wadanohara notes how cracked the moonstone is before using her magic to repair it. Afterwards, she notes how it felt weird, but passes it off as nothing. Return to the others. Wadanohara says she fixed it no problem, but tells about the strange feeling and that she thinks it’s just her. Memoca thinks it’s because she hasn’t used “this sorta magic” in some time.

The screen returns to the ship at sea- steer it to the right. The ship will be stopped by someone calling out to Wadanohara- this is seen to be Sal and a crew of fish behind him. He asked how the repair went, Wadanohara saying it went all right. Sal says that while he and the fish were on patrol, they found the bodies of Tosatsu Kingdom soldiers floating around, and tells the four to watch themselves. They continue on their way, continuing their rounds. Memoca asks why they were corpses, Dolphi suggesting they drowned. Fukami notes how Sal didn’t mention Samekichi.

The screen changes to the ship sitting in front of the Kingdom Gate, Wadanohara saying they’ll be going to Windmill Isle next. Go south from where the ship currently is. There are Seabathers in the water, and windmills will begin appearing in the water. Dock at the first island seen. Windmill Isle has a similar layout to both islands previously visited, so again, if you go down the first path going right, you will find the cave where the barrier moonstone is located. Enter the cave; there will be Bats everywhere inside.

However, on the island, there are things to be retrieved. If you continue right at the intersection, there are two treasure chests on the east shore, right next to each other. One contains candy charms to be equipped, and the other candy armor to be equipped. If you go north at the intersection and go down the first path going left, you will find Shiny Key 3, and a Strolling Bat that remarks about how the wind feels nice. If you continue up the path past the path leading to the cave, you will find a windmill, though this one is much bigger than the little ones scattered around the island.

After entering the cave, there are more forks in the path; to get to the moonstone, continue left, and on the next screen continue left, and finally go up past the Bat Healer. 

In the cave, there are also things to be retrieved; if you take the path going up after the first fork in the road, you will find a chest with bird shields to equip inside. If you go up after the second fork in the road, you will find another chest with earmuffs to equip inside. Also, though this isn’t an item to retrieve, if you go down the path going south where the Bat Healer is located, you will find another Bird Wasting Time in Cave.

After passing the Bat Healer, Wadanohara will find the pathway to the barrier moonstone guarded by rabbits with red lances; all they say is “bun bun”. After Memoca calls out to them as Tosatsu Soldiers, they notice the four and attack them. Battle them.

After defeating them, they disappear, not leaving behind any traces of being there, unlike the encounter Helica had with them. Memoca believes Samekichi told about Wadanohara going around and fixing the stones to the Tosatsu Kingdom “again”, Fukami agreeing and saying he must be caught. Wadanohara mentions how no one except her is able to go past the gateway when Dolphi asks if the stones will be broken, saying they shouldn’t be able to get to them. Memoca questions how they got cracked in the first place, Fukami speculating that a sort of spell was used. After the screen fades to black, Wadanohara mentions how she’s the only one able to approach the stones thanks to her father’s blood, and that unless she did so herself the stones couldn’t be damaged.

After being allowed to move again, go under the gateway and approach the moonstone shrine once again; the layout of the room is the same as the one before. Select ‘yes’, and Wadanohara repairs the stone, mentioning again how something feels odd and blaming it on her nervousness. Return to the others.

Fukami wonders if there will be Tosatsu soldiers at the next stone, saying to proceed carefully. Dolphi wonders if Samekichi will be there as well, then asks if Wadanohara was okay, noticing she looks restless. Wadanohara says she's fine and the screen fades out.


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