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This is the fifth part of the Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea walkthrough.

In this part, Wadanohara and her familiars finish repairing the barrier moonstones on the surface, and Wadanohara encounters an odd orca.

There are no major spoilers in this part.

Trigger warnings for blood and violence.


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Items Found in this Part
Centipede Antennae Mr. Ant(s)

Shiny Key 4

Shiny Key 5
Straw Effigies (Plus) Poison


After being able to steer the ship once again, return to the Kingdom Gate by going left and up.

Before Wadanohara is able to announce the next barrier stone they will be traveling to, Helica, Miyura, Seguro and three fish approach Wadanohara’s ship. They ask how she’s doing and are aware of the Tosatsu soldiers Sal mentioned; Fukami mentions seeing Samekichi and Dolphi adds seeing him at the first stone, the four in the water wanting to apprehend him. Helica mentions how there have been suspicious people seen besides the Tosatsu soldiers, not of their sea. Apparently, not much else is known about them since the said suspicious persons ate all eyewitnesses. They have also found half-eaten soldier bodies floating around, and Helica says the Tosatsu don’t eat fish. Fukami speculates the supposed demons they hired did so, Seguro simply replying with “who knows”.  The four and the fish depart, telling Wadanohara and company to contact them if anything else happened.

Wadanohara continues from where she left off before the four and the fish approached the ship, saying they will be going to Hydrangea Isle next, the last one on the surface. Go east from the Gate. You will see more Seabathers.

(Note: when I was playing my copy/version of the game, red arrows remained over the path going south; ignore these if you see them.)

You will see a plain-looking rocky island on the way to Hydrangea Isle; continue past it, as the player will not be allowed to dock here yet. It will begin to rain when you approach the island. Dock at the flowery island. Snails will be on the path- these are enemies. 

Snails come in groups of three and have around 200 health.

To get to the cave holding the barrier moonstones, go up the path at the intersection and continue upwards until you approach the first path going east- go down it, and you find the cave at the end of it. There will be Bats inside the cave.

Again, there are things to be found on this island. If you continue right at the intersection, you will find a treasure chest on the east shore that contains centipede antennae to equip. If you go up after the intersection and take the first left, you will find someone sitting with a snail behind some hydrangea bushes. While the player is unable to reach them, they are another of Mogeko’s characters, Tsumuri. If you continue down the north path and continue past the path leading to the cave, you will find Shiny Key 4.

Once you enter the cave, go left and then upwards to the next screen. On the next screen, go left then upwards again. After that, just follow the path to the gateway. There is no Bat Healer here. 

In the cave, there are two treasure chests. After entering the cave and coming upon the second fork in the path, continue right, and you will find a chest with a cat-like creature inside. It appears for a moment before going back inside the chest, and is not obtainable. On the second screen, if you go south of where the gateway is located, you will find the second chest, which contains straw effigies (plus) that can be equipped. These most likely reference the straw effigies that can be obtained in another of Mogeko’s games, The Gray Garden. As well as these, if you go right at the fork in the path on the second screen, you will find yet another Bird Wasting Time in Cave.

After entering the gateway area, the three are already there waiting for Wadanohara, and the player can continue on to the stone room without any interruptions. 

Even though it isn’t necessary, you can speak to the familiars. Dolphi asks what happens if someone other than Wadanohara gets close to the stones; Wadanohara is unable to answer, but Memoca claims they would be “SHWAAAAAAAACK”ed right in the face.

Enter the stone room, select the stone again and select ‘yes’. Wadanohara repairs the stone, though afterwards, she says she’s dizzy; it can be noted the music playing in the background has stopped. Leave the stone room.

Wadanohara tells the familiars they have three left, all of which are underwater. Wadanohara is next seen outside the cave; head towards the docks.

When in the intersection outside, the four stop and spread out, Memoca and Dolphi playing with maggots in a puddle and Fukami standing aside by himself. Wadanohara sees Samekichi out in the sea and recalls his wounds and worries about his health before pointedly distracting the familiars by calling out to a “duck”. She tells them she’ll go look and that they should stay behind and rest, Fukami telling her not to stray too far and Memoca remarking they’re Wadanohara’s favorite non-sea creature. Walk to the docks.

The screen cuts to Samekichi walking alone underwater, saying something about someone else planning something. Another voice calls out to him before a person with a fin similar to Samekichi’s approaches him from behind. Samekichi appears not to know him, and when asked who he is, the stranger says they’re “just an orca”. Samekichi asks if they’re one of “their” spies, to which the orca asks who “they” would be and explaining he’s on a stroll. Samekichi begins to walk away, but the orca swims ahead of him and stops him, Samekichi backing away from him. The orca says he enjoys harassing sharks before the screen turns black.

Wadanohara is then seen on a broom on the open sea. Go left until you approach the plain-looking island passed when on the way to Hydrangea Isle and stop there. Wadanohara says it smells like blood. The island is then named Rocky Mount. 

Follow the blood trail.

Along the way, there is a treasure chest aside the path; inside it are Mr. Ants that can be equipped. Further along, you will find Shiny Key 5. Even further, another chest with poison inside can be found. Poison, found in the items section, makes a character’s health sharply drop when given, and should not be used.

Eventually, you will stand before the Orca from before and a bloody Samekichi, Orca smoking. Wadanohara calls out to Samekichi, prompting the attention of Orca. After asking Samekichi what happened, Orca explains he bullied him. When asked why, he said he simply had a hobby of bullying the weak. Orca goes on to say he was considering killing him, Wadanohara telling him to stop. Orca says Wadanohara looks strong and guesses she’s a witch, then asks if it was true witch meat was very delicious before attacking her. Battle him.

At this point, the first Bad Ending is avaliable. Click here to learn how to reach this ending.

After defeating him, Orca’s fin appears to be drooping and he sports a band-aid of sorts on his head. He remarks the fight wasn’t bad, and he shouldn’t have picked a fight with a witch. When Wadanohara asks who he is, he says the same he did to Samekichi: just an orca on a stroll. He then goes to say he’s from a distant sea that’s really chilly. He says he had a bite of the shark, so he isn’t hungry, before strolling off. It can be noted Wadanohara was blushing while speaking to him at this point, though when he leaves, she looks deadpan. She turns to Samekichi and asks if he’s alright after he grunts, then approaches him to heal him with her magic. Samekichi stands and opens his eyes, no longer covered in blood. He asked why Wadanohara was there, Wadanohara explaining she was on a nearby island and saw him. Samekichi begins to act the way he has been around Wadanohara again, telling her to stay away from the sea and her attempts to fix the barrier stones are futile. Wadanohara says she trusts him and that she doesn’t think he’s bad, asking if there’s a reason he’s been acting the way he has. She begins to say that if he told everyone this reason, they’d understand, but Samekichi then tells her to leave. Samekichi then, without warning, leaves Wadanohara.

The player is allowed to move. Walk back to the docks. When out at sea again, return to the others and go right.

When back at Hydrangea Isle, the familiars are gathered around the docks. Approach them, and Memoca will ask where she went, Wadanohara lying and saying she got into a daze following the “duck” she saw earlier around. Fukami asks if she saw anything besides ducks, like sharks, which Wadanohara replies by saying quickly that there was an orca that wasn’t from around here, and they were perhaps one of the suspicious people Helica mentioned. When asked if he was suspicious, Wadanohara says a little, but, while blushing, she says he wasn’t a bad orca…before adding on “unless he was?”.  When she told them he said he was on a stroll, Memoca and Dolphi think that to be suspicious. Wadanohara accidentally lets slip that he did a terrible thing, and when questioned what, she said nothing, though Fukami remained skeptical and asked if she was hiding something. She said no and hurriedly moves on to say they were done on the surface in terms of fixing barrier stones and to return to the Kingdom Gate.

Board the boat and steer west to return to the Gate.

The screen cuts to the four on the ship, Wadanohara relieved the familiars didn’t find out she saw Samekichi. Memoca asks Wadanohara to play her ocarina, saying it’s soothing; Wadanohara says she will, explaining it sounds soothing because it’s mixed with healing magic, though she then goes to say she hasn’t played it in a while and can’t tell how good the sound quality will be. She begins playing, the screen fading out, then back in, showing Samekichi swimming behind the boat. The screen fades to black again.

Cherryblod and Doloz are then seen underwater on a walk, talking about how they wish they could go on a family vacation with Lobco, and how Doloz still hasn’t been above land and her daughter has. The screen flashes red, Cherryblod noticing something’s wrong before telling Doloz to watch out.


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