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This is the sixth part of the Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea walkthrough.

In this part, the player learns of an odd poison that affected Cherryblod (and apparently Tatsumiya in the past) and Wadanohara begins reparing the barrier moonstones underwater.

There are no major spoilers in this part.

There are no trigger warnings for this part.


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Items Found in this Part
Meat Hammers Gold Armor
Eraser Shields Chicks


After exiting, Jiiya is shown asking the others that they know what to do, Helica saying she’ll take the surface, Sal the sea, and Pulmo the depths. Tatsumiya asks what the Tosatsu Kingdom is thinking, Jiiya saying they don’t know. Tatsumiya mentions they did something before, not continuing to say what. Tatsumiya says they have to protect the princess at all costs, Jiiya agreeing and saying it would be the king’s will. Jiiya suddenly seems worried about something, Tatsumiya as well, not expanding on to what and mentioning Samekichi as well. Jiiya says “her” memories are vague, and she saw something, Tatsumiya saying she felt sorry for Wadanohara and Jiiya agreeing, saying they (most likely Wadanohara and Samekichi) used to get along well. Jiiya asks where “he” could have taken the “sacred sword”, what this is sword’s importance is unknown. Jiiya mentions the Sea King being a cruel one and Tatsumiya is seen worrying about Wadanohara before the screen fades out.Wadanohara and the familiars are next seen at the castle speaking to Princess Uomi. They tell her and Jiiya of their travels and that it’s the fault of the Tosatsu Kingdom. Apparently, Cherryblod was hurt somehow, Tatsumiya saying he was at home recovering. Wadanohara says she has to repair all the stones as quickly as possible before the screen fades out. The player is allowed to move, and speaking to the others in the room is not necessary; exit.

Wadanohara and company are next seen outside the throne room, Wadanohara wondering if Cherryblod and Lobco are alright and suggesting to visit them before going to fix the remaining barrier stones. The familiars agree and the screen fades out briefly.

When able to move, leave the castle and when outside, go right. Sal, Pulmo and Helica are seen standing together, and Wadanohara explains they are going to go visit Cherryblod’s house before continuing repairing the rest of the barrier stones. Dolphi asks why Cherryblod collapsed, Wadanohara explaining the Tosatsu Kingdom is using a strange poison to pollute the sea, Memoca adding it’s dangerous to the touch and Fukami that it affected Tatsumiya. Sal asks if Wadanohara is feeling alright, Wadanohara first saying she was fine before Memoca said she remembered her saying she felt weird when using magic to repair the barrier stones. Sal asks about this weird feeling, Wadanohara saying she thought it was because she hadn’t used that magic in a long time. Memoca wonders if it was because Samekichi hit her earlier, noticing that she said she felt weird after he did. Fukami wonders if he put a spell on her, Wadanohara doubting it. Sal asks to take a look, saying nothing looked problematic after a few seconds. Sal seems relieved, saying they don’t want anything to happen to her. Helica asks what it could be, then, and Sal suggests Wadanohara’s idea of not being used to using magic related to the barrier. The others consider this idea the truth of the matter and tell Wadanohara she got worked up over nothing. Sal excuses himself and the others before they leave to patrol the areas self-assigned to them.

When able to move, go right and follow the path leading to Deepsea Town.

Note: When in Deepsea Town, there is now a green jellyfish sitting in front of the entrance to the path to Sea God Castle- it will now warp you to the Castle if you speak to it and select ‘yes’.  This is simply for future reference and will save the player time when walking to the Castle from now on.

When in Deepsea Town, take the path leading to Coral Path on the left and enter Coral Sea. Approach Cherryblod’s house and enter it. Go left to find Lobco and Doloz surrounding a bedridden Cherryblod. Lobco and Doloz are seen fretting over Cherryblod, Doloz more than Lobco. Wadanohara addresses Cherryblod and the others notice Wadanohara, Wadanohara then asking what happened to him. Cherryblod describes the sea turning blood red, and that seemed to be the same as what Tatsumiya encountered. Cherryblod says he wasn’t able to see and tells Wadanohara to be careful, as the poison is powerful.

After being able to move, it isn’t necessary to speak to the three. Exit their home.

Wadanohara mentions Cherryblod looked like he was in pain and Memoca that Lobco looked despondent, Wadanohara saying with determination that they have to finish repairing the barrier. She then says the next barrier stone they will be fixing is deeper in the Coral Sea than they already are. Go to the Coral Path leading west out of Coral Sea.

The screen cuts to a flying Chlomaki, mentioning how she didn’t like seeing her down and that she needed to move around underwater as well. She says she doesn’t feel like being nosy and that she’ll leave them to themselves. She then begins to seemingly question what someone said about her being different, and that she should look for a “new one”, hinting that there is someone flying with her in the stead of Lobco. She asks if her accompaniment is jealous then laughs before the screen cuts back to Wadanohara.

Walk left down Coral Path, and soon you will encounter enemies, such as crabs, jellyfish, and puffer fish.

Crabs come in groups of two and have around 100 health each.

Jellies and Porcupinefish come in groups of three each and have around 100 health each.

After the first screen, the path will begin to split. To get the cave holding the barrier stone, first go down the lower path, then go down and take the left path, continue straight downwards and go down the stairs.

As always, there are items to be found on subsections of the path. On the higher path in the first fork in the road, a treasure chest can be found with meat hammers to be equipped inside. On the right-most path on the second fork in the road, a treasure chest can be found with eraser shields to be equipped inside. On the path taken on the second screen on the far right, a sign and a treasure chest can be found. The treasure chest contains nothing (literally nothing, as a text square pops up telling you this), and the sign reads “Too bad! Mostly nothing”. Unless considering the fish on the path to be something, there is honestly nothing of importance down this path. On the final screen before entering the cave, if taking the first left, a treasure chest with gold armor to be equipped inside can be found.

Enemies can be found in the cave as well, including fish and jellyfish.

The Fishies here are much stronger than the ones found on the path leading to Deepsea Town from the Kingdom Gate and have around 100 health each.

The Jellies here are the same as the ones found on Coral Path, just pink.

To reach the barrier stone, take the first left, go upwards and down either path seen (as they both lead to the same area), and continue upwards.

In the cave, if you continue straight on the second screen, you will find a treasure chest with chicks to be equipped inside.

When standing before the entrance, the familiars are already waiting. It isn’t necessary to speak to them, continue upwards.

As with all barrier stones, approach it, and select ‘yes’.

Wadanohara notices she didn’t feel odd this time and is happy, truly believing it was in her head at this point.

Return to the other familiars. Wadanohara tells them she didn’t feel strange when repairing the stone this time and the others are relieved. After commenting they have two more to go, the screen fades out.


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